30 April 2010

Carpaccio de Saint Jacques

This is scallop sashimi with some light dressing of white soya sauce, lemon juice and sesame oil.  Scallop has to be very fresh to eat as sashimi.  Little red peppers seeds are called "pink pepper".  This spice has very mild flavor and not spicy at all.  It makes a nice decoration to add some color to the dish.


29 April 2010

Poulet Roti

This is a young chicken roast stuffed with rice with peas.  It's easy to buy whole chicken in Hong Kong supermarket and they sell the young and small whole chickens at very reasonable price.  I stuffed Japanese rice and this rice is tasty but because it take some time to cook, I've pre cooked the rice and stuffed in the chicken and roasted for 1/2 hour.


28 April 2010

Small sausage rolls

This is just small sausages rolled in Pastry sheets.  For this particular size of sausage, I'd like to use Japanese sausages.  It's super easy to make and they are the perfect party snacks, but don't serve this before the meals, because they are not very light and people tend to eat them too much because they're so good.



26 April 2010

Dinner Alone

When my husband is out for dinner and when I have energy, I make some very traditional Japanese foods for myself.


25 April 2010

Steak Tartare

I love Steak Tartare.  This is very easy and very tasty dish to do at home.  This is the typical way of serving this dish, with some salad and fries and I'm convinced that this is the perfect combination.

As for the meat of Tartar, of course you have to go to the butcher for the fresh, lean and high quality of ground beef.  Minced eshallots, capers, persil and one or two egg yolks are the ingredients.  Season with vinegar, dijon mustard, ketchup, tabasco and salt and pepper.   You have to serve this right away after mixing all the ingredients otherwise, the vinegar starts to cook the meat and it turns brown.



23 April 2010

Jamon Espanol creation

This is my creation to taste high quality Spanish ham with pure of green peas with some Italian cheese mix, drizzled with white truffle oil.


19 April 2010


Shumai is written as "焼売" in Japanese, but it seems like different from Chinese language.  According to the translator, it's "蒸肉餃子".  This is easy to make but it's difficult to make them well.  I use minced pork, some shrimp, cabbage, shitake mushroom and leeks.


18 April 2010

Maguro no Tatsuta-Age

This is very easy and very tasty dish.  "Zuke" is the name of fresh tuna marinated in soya sauce, mirin and sake.  "Tatsuta-age" is style of deep fry with potato starch.  You can use the tuna for the tuna stake and when the fish is fresh enough, you can fry them very lightly in oil.  I also made the sauce with leek and yellow bell pepper.


17 April 2010

Burger a la maison

We as my husband and I love burgers at home.  Burgers taste wonderful when you cook for yourself using high quality of ingredients.  You need to buy some very lean good equality minced beef and cook it in medium rare to make this dish outstanding.  Sometimes I add a slice of grilled bacon.

I always make the potato chips or french fries and some salad on the side with the burger.  Even the potato chips has to be home made, then you have a wonderful one plate meal.




16 April 2010

Kamo Nanban Soba

This is one of the Soba noodle menu that you can find in Soba shop during winter.  I made this after my husband's birthdays duck leftovers.  I'm a big fan of Soba noodle.  I thought that I have to make the noodle by myself one day.


15 April 2010

Smoked salmon and avocado

I love Avocado.  They are delicious itself but also very tasty in variety of arrangement.  This is rather simple salad with smoked salmon with hard boiled egg, Tobiko caviar and some dills.  Sprinkle some lemon juice and olive oil right before you eat them.


14 April 2010

Gratin de Choufleur

When I first time I found this recipe I was very much fascinated with this combination of choufleur with sauce bechamel.  I put a pinch of nutmeg in the sauce.  You can also add a egg york to enrich the sauce, that calls Sauce Mornay.



13 April 2010

Singapore Vermicelli

Singapore style vermicelli is fried vermicelli which is rice noodles with curry powder.  I don't exactly know what is the authentic way of cooking this dish but it's very easy to make.

Saute minced garlic and ginger in olive oil then add some curry powder to cook and let the spice infuse in the oil.  Then saute the shrimps first, remove and set aside when they're cooked.  Stir fry the vegetable and vermicelli in a same pan, season with chicken stock and salt.


11 April 2010

Birthday Dinner

For my husband's birthday, I cooked authentic French course. Somehow for this year, I made very traditional plates without any twists.  It's good to come back to very basic to test your skill.

Petit Foie gras Poele sauce balsamique
Salade de Homard aux truffles
Mousse de sole sauce a l'armoricaine
Canard au cassis, pommes dauphine
Mousse au chocolat framboise




09 April 2010


This is seaweeds calls "Hijiki" with vegetable and fried tofu, cooked in sake, mirin and soya sauce.  Hijiki is very common Japanese home foods that accommodates well with white rice.  Hijiki is a kind of the seaweeds that has high content of minerals and they are very tasty.


08 April 2010


This is a quiche of salmon with spinach.  I believe that the best quiche is "Quiche Lorraine" but  you can replace the insides with any ingredients you like.  I made this with salted salmon leftover from a night before.  "Pate Brisee" is better to make a day before.  You can also keep the dough frozen.  It takes a bit of preparation but this is a great weekend lunch menu.


07 April 2010

Salade Jardiniére

Spring is a season of salad. I miss so much of those vegetables of the market; Peas, fava beans, haricot and spring onions.



06 April 2010

Eggs Benedict

I believe that this famous brunch menu is invented in NY.  Eggs Benedict and Champagne mimosa is typical Sunday brunch with friends of New York cafes.  What a pleasure to start a day with Champagne with orange juice!


04 April 2010


I think Bonito is rather unknown fish outside of  Japanese cuisine as the component of Dashi; the stock or fume.  The best season of this fish is in spring and autumn.


03 April 2010

Bavette à l'échalote

Bavette is translated in English as "Flank steak" is very reasonable and extremely tasty part of beef.  In French cuisine, this part of meat is usually served with this "Echalote sauce".




02 April 2010

Daurade Vapeur sauce Shungiku

Shungiku; 春菊 is my favorite vegetable and translated in English as Garland chrysanthemum. This is common leaf vegetable from winter to spring in Japan.  It has very nice fragrance and it's used normally in hot pot or Sukiyaki.



01 April 2010

Sakura Sakura Sakura

There is absolutely nothing that can replace beauty of Sakura blossom of Japan.  I saw the news of those Sakura in Tokyo are fully bloomed today.  Japanese adore Sakura trees for many centuries that we planted them everywhere in the country.  

The life of Sakura blossom is very short; about one week, but their beauty is so striking, every Japanese person await for this perfect day or the night to party under the tree for a whole year.  I made this Sakura rice today for my good memory of the party calls "Hanami".