31 October 2011

Chocolate chips waffle

This waffle is made with sandwich maker.  It seems that Belgian style waffle is thin and crispy and American style is soft, something similar to pancake.  I like the waffle to be cispy outside and soft inside.  I still haven't found the perfect recipe.


30 October 2011

Canard aux Champignons et Gnocchi au potiron

This is duck breast saute with mushroom sauce with pumpkin gnocci.  This is a french dish I created in autumn ingredients.  The sauce is from dried porcini cooked with porto wine.  Gnocci is made with pure of pumpkin and parmesan cheese.


28 October 2011

Shrimp with green tea fry

This is chinese way of shrimp fry with chinese green tea.  It's originally a dish to make with river shrimp.  If you like the flavor of green tea, it's a wonderful dish.


27 October 2011


"Mazegohan" means mixed cooked rice.  This is one of the common variation of rice dish of Japanese cooking.  There are two types of cooking method of rice with vegetable or meat.  One way is called "Takikomi gohan".  In this way, you can cook the rice with ingredients as diced chicken, carrotes, beans and seasonings such as soya sauce, dashi, sakeall at the same time.  The other way is "Mazegohan", which to cook rice and other ingredients separately then mix together in the end.

The taste of those is very different.  "Takikomi gohan" rice is cooked with the stock and the seasoning so the taste is penetrated inside of the rice.  With "Mazegohan" method, you can taste different taste and texture with rice and the other ingredients.


26 October 2011

Pumpkin and meat pie

This is an anther dish I alternated "Hachis parmentier".  I used small mould to shape frozen pie sheet and filled the Hachis parmentier.  You can also fold the pie.


25 October 2011

Shiodori to shio mushi yasai

This is "Shiodori" made with fillet mignon of chicken and I steamed them instead of saute in the pan.  I added cabbage and courgettes that seasoned with salt and cooked in microwave.  Tossed everything together with sesame oil and "shiokonbu" which is seasoned kelp.

「塩鶏と塩蒸し野菜」これは塩鶏をアレンジした料理。 鶏のささみをそぎ切りにして砂糖、塩、酒に漬ける。味が染んだら蒸す。一方でズッキーニとキャベツに塩をまぶしてレンジに数分程かける。野菜はあるもの何でもよいと思う。水分を絞り、蒸した鶏と野菜をごま油と塩昆布で和える。

24 October 2011

Jambon de Paris au vinaigrette

This is not exactly cooking but I like simple french plate as this.  "Jambon de Paris" so called "French cooked ham" in English.  I quickly boiled the ham in water with small amount of salt and vinegar.  Sauce is simple vinaigrette sauce; mix of Dijon mustard, vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper.


23 October 2011

Ramen salad

This is alternation of "Beef Noodle soup" the other day.  Because I had strewed oxtail left, I used them as salad.  I mixed boiled ramen noodle, diced tomato, spring onion, thai basil.  Then seasoned with small amount of the beef stock from the oxtail, soya sauce and sesame, salt and pepper to season them.

You need to boil the ramen noodle harder than normal, then wash with fresh water to remove the starch.  Toss with small amount of olive oil to prevent them from sticking together.


22 October 2011

Ishikari Nabe

"Ishikari Nabe" measn hot pot of Ishikari which is a name of city in Hokkaido.  I've tried this type of nabe for the first time because I was not very familier with this since I'm from south of Japan.  The stock is based on miso paste.  Ingredients are salted salmon, potato, daikon radish, mushrooms, tofu and cabbage.



21 October 2011

Omelette au Hachis parmentier

This is omelette that I stuffed the leftover of "Hachis permentier" the other day.  I've got a crue from my mother's speciality.  She often made omelette of saute of onion, ground beef and mush potato inside when I was young. 

To make a perfect omelette, you need a lot of practice.  It's nothing disappointing than over cooked omelette.  It's important to use a good frying pan.  




20 October 2011

Cuisse de poulet, sauce champignon shitake

In Japanese cooking, we often use dried shitake mushrooms for the stock.  It takes while to soften the mushrooms.  Actually it's much better to let them soak in water over night.  In this sauce  I mixed with beef stock and tiny pinch of cognac.

Saute the water soaked mushroom in sauce pot, then sprinkle a pinch of cognac.  Then add water from the mushroom and small amount of beef stock cube and cook for a while.   You can ticken the sauce with corn starch in the end.  To saute chicken thigh, you have to saute the skin side.




19 October 2011

Satoimo no Nori ae

"Satoimo" is Japanese taro potato.  I love this potato and they are often used for Japanese cooking.  I steamed the potatoes and tossed in salt and nori.


18 October 2011

Hachis parmentier

"Hachis Parmentier" is one of the most easiest and popular home dish in France.  It's better to make with duck cooked with red wine but it's easy to make with ground beef.  First to mince some onion and saute with olive oil then add meat.  Cook the meat with red wine and laurie, salt and pepper.  

On the other side, make the mash potato.  For this one I mixed with pure of Japanese pumpkin with potato.  Lay the cooked meat on the bottom of casserole then cover with mash potato, then sprinkle some cheese on the top.  Cook in the oven for half an hour.



17 October 2011

Salade de saumon fumé et pomme de terre

This is very simple salad of smoked salmon, boiled potato and boiled egg mimosa.  I like the combination of salmon with potato.  Dressing is vinaigrette sauce with balsamic vinegar.


16 October 2011

Beef Noodle soup "Vietnamese"

This soup is made from oxtail.  I cooke the oxtail with onion, ginger, garlic, cloves, laurie and salt for two hours.  Then I removed the meat from bones in the end.  Skim the fat of the soup very well.  Adjust the tast with salt and lime juice.  I wanted to arrange this beef noodle "Vietnamese" so I prepared thai basil and lime.  It would have been better if I have had bean sprouts.



15 October 2011

Sunny Pizza

It's great idea to drop eggs on top of pizza for lunch.  It's wonderful to make pizza at home.


14 October 2011

Autumn in Hong Kong

I imagine it's already chilly in Japan or in France.  Here in Hong Kong, it's much cooler than before but it's still warm and humid sometimes, temperature is around 25c.  I expressed the warm fall season of hong kong in this bouquet.  This type of orchid is very inexpensive here and they last really well.



13 October 2011

Tori to Renkon no Shoyu ni

Lotus roots are high in fiber and this is one of the popular vegetable that Japanese people use for home cooking.  This is chicken wings and lotus roots cooked in chinese wine, black rice vinegar, sugar and soya sauce.



12 October 2011

Salmon and courgettes pasta in Basil sauce

It's rather rare combination but I think that salmon matchs very well with basil.  If you buy fresh basil, it's good to make pesto sauce before basil becomes black.  I saute cube of salmon and slices of courgette and boiled pasta tossed in basil sauce.


11 October 2011

Cauliflower in Sesame mayonnaise sauce

This is boiled cauliflower with mayonnaise and shabu shabu sesame sauce mixed.  It's better to use Japanese mayonnaise which contains more vinegar than western mayonnaise.  Or even better to make by yourself.


10 October 2011

Cotes de Porc, Champvallon

This is simple oven cooked dish I learned in France.  Actually, it's much better to use lamb than pork.


09 October 2011

Negi to Ika no Chijimi

"Chijimi" is Japanese way of saying of Korean food of "Jeon".  I also added shredded potato so it became very similar to potato pan cake.  I used already made flour mix but it's made of mix of flour, rice powder, water and egg.


08 October 2011

Tuna with Avocado in wasabi soya sauce

This is one of the most known and delicious combination of Tuna sashimi arrangement in Japanese modern cooking.  If you have fresh tuna it's the best but since I don't have access to the best one, first I marinate tuna in so called "Zuke sauce" which is a combination of soya sauce, mirin, sake for 30 minuets or so.

Then cut tuna and avocado in 2cm dice and tossed in half zuke sauce, soya sauce and wasabi.



07 October 2011

Poulet a la vapeur, sauce roquefort

I like simple and balanced western dish as this.  First to cook chicken breast in non stick frying pan in white wine and some water with lid on.  Separately in a sauce pan, melt roquefort cheese in whipping cream.  Adjust the thickness of the sauce as you like.  One table spoon of the sauce is right amount for one portion of chicken breast.



06 October 2011

Shrimp with Shallot sauce

This is very simple dish.  First to marinate shrimps in salt with sake.  For the sauce, mince shallots then mix with light soya sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar and sugar.  Pan fry the shrimp with olive oil and drizzle the sauce in the end.


05 October 2011

Autumn breeze

I expressed the first crisp and cool air of the autumn after long humid summer of Hong Kong in this bouquet.


Hayashi rice Gratin

I thicken the sauce of Hayashi Rice then cooked in the oven with thin layer of rice in the bottom of casserole.


04 October 2011

Ham and Peas soup pasta

This is pasta sauce is made with saute of ham, peas, chicken stock cube and milk.  Then season the sauce with salt and pepper.  It's better to salt well the boiling water to season the pasta.  Because this sauce is very light it's good to eat when you eat late at night or after drinks.  I think children might like it too.


03 October 2011

Chocolate banana cake

I made two types of "Chocolate and Banana" cake.  Winner was "Chocolate cake with banana" over "Banana cake with chocolate chips".


Confit de canard au chou

I made "Confit de canard" with legs of duck that I made "Kamonanban" the other day.  It takes few days to make confit de canard but you can keep them for long time.  First to marinate legs of the duck in salt with herbs for one day.  Then remove the salt by soaking them in the water for few hours.  Dry them well and cook in duck fat or lard in 80c for two hours.  Since I don't have the duck fat I use vegetable oil for this.

Fry the confit de canard in the pan before you eat.  It's good to eat with salad.  I made braiser with cabbage with other vegetables and some chicken stock.



02 October 2011

Renkon Manjuu

"Renkon" means lotus root.  This is very common vegetable in Japanese home cooking.  First to ground then mix with potato starch, egg white, season with salt, sake.  Then place shrimp and edamame inside and shape it in ball.  Deep fry them in vegetable oil until it cooks.

Separately prepare dashi with sake, mirin, light soya sauce and thicken it with potato starch in the end.  Serve the renkon ball with dashi sauce.


01 October 2011


Sanma is delicacy of autumn in Japan.  I found fresh sanma for the first time in this season.  I've read in wiki that they only exist in pacific ocean.  The taste is similar to sardine but it's much more refined.