29 February 2012

Tart aux confit de canard et pomme de terre

I made confit de canard but because they were small, I removed the meat from the bones and made tart with potato.  Duck breast is simple saute.  It's important not to over cook duck breast.


28 February 2012

Sausage braiser with cabbage and potato

This is super easy and balanced dish.  I used German frankfurters, potato, cabbage and pancetta.  I only seasoned the dish with rock salt and some pepper.  I don't think pancetta is not necessary but since I have them in my fridge, I added them.

Pour 0.5cm of water in the bottom and braiser all the ingredients together with lid on.  It's important to seal the over of the pot to let the stem of the vegetables stay inside to cook.  You need to have a cast iron pot so that the cover will stay on.



27 February 2012

Daikon to Age no itame ni

This is strips of daikon radish cooked with fried tofu and bacon in dashi.  This matches very well with white rice.


26 February 2012

Saba no misoni

This is mackerel cooked with miso.  This is one of the most popular fish dish in Japanese home cooking.  It's important to blanch with boiling water to remove the smell of the fish first.  Then cook in sake, mirin, sugar, miso paste and water or dashi.


25 February 2012

Salade de bavette

This is salad of flank steak with salad leaves, saute of potato, tomates, shallots and parsley.  The sauce is made from juice from the meat, dijon mustard, vinegar and olive oil.


24 February 2012

Mousse au chocolat with castella

Castella is old fashion style of Japanese sponge cake.  It match perfectly with dark chocolate mousse and some berries.


23 February 2012

Egg pizza

This is simple pizza of ham, mushrooms, boiled eggs and basil leaves.  It takes time to raise pizza dough, especially in winter so it's better to set the dough a night before.  Though once you have the dough, actual cooking time is 15 to 18 minuets so it's very quick dish.


22 February 2012

Russian cutlet

These cutlets are made with ground chicken minced onion, bread crumbs and some milk.  Cutlets are coated with bread crumbs and fried with oil in frying pan.  This type of cutlet can be made with mix or pork and beef and it's very popular home dish in russia.


20 February 2012

Chicken liver with fried noodles

This type of thin egg noodle is speciality of Hong Kong and it's usually served with shrimp wontons.  I boiled the noodles first then fried in olive oil in frying pan.  Chicken liver is marinated with the sauce made with ground ginger, ground garlic, sugar, soya sauce and chinese wine.



19 February 2012

Dinner de février

Dinner de février

Ceviche de saumon à ma façon
Potage de Choufleur
Médaillons de lotte au chou, sauce balsamique
Magret de canard,
Pommes dauphine et radis a la vapeur
Gateau au chocolat

17 February 2012

Tarte au chèvre

This is small tarte of goat cheese and mushrooms.  Mushrooms match very well with goat cheese.


16 February 2012

Gratin de Boeuf

This is rich gratin of Boeuf Bourguignon and macaroni with bechamel sauce.  Because I had frozen leftover of "Boeuf Bourguignon" it was quick to make.


15 February 2012

Tori gobou gohan

This is clay pot cooked rice with chicken and salsifis.  Chicken and salsifis is very common combination of rice dish in Japan.  This is seasoned with sake, mirin, dashi, and soya sauce.


14 February 2012

Chou-fleur au roquefort

This is boiled cauliflower with roquefort cheese sauce.  I really like cauliflower and this is one of the best combination.


13 February 2012

Junbo fried oysters

I'm a big fan of fried oysters.  I bought a sealed pack of fresh oysters from the U.S. at city super.  I was very surprised when I open it because I couldn't see the size of the oysteres from the package.  There were as big as my hand.

Fried oysters are the best way to eat oysters for me since I cannot take raw ones.  I ended up looking like "Tonkatsu" and the taste was also great.


12 February 2012

Cabbage soup

Cabbage contains varieties of vitamins and very good for stomach.  Whenever I feel to need to take more vegetable, I like to make the soup with lot of cabbage with other vegetables.


11 February 2012

Hokke no potato yaki

"Hokke" is fish from northern Japan; sea between Hokkaido and Russia.  Hokke has certain amount of fish fat so it match perfectly with roasted potato.  I lay the over night dried fish over potato and cooked in the oven with cover.


10 February 2012

Feuilleté de foie de volaille

I think "feuillete" is a great invention of french cuisine.  This a pie stuffed with chicken liver and spinach.  I had marinated the chicken liver for port wine and some salt for one day then lightly cooked.


09 February 2012

Negi shio pork

This is thin sliced pork sauteed in olive oil.  I sprinkled sliced leeks and "Goma shio" which is Japanese rice topping.


08 February 2012

Shungiku and anchovy pasta

This is anchovy based pasta with shungiku and shitake.  They are both asian vegetable so it perfectly match with soya sauce.  The sauce is made with anchovy, garlic, olive oil, soya sauce.


07 February 2012

Oeuf cocotte à la crème d'épinards

This is egg in cocotte with creme of spinach.  I had leftover of spinach sauce so I added some creme and cooked a egg with some cheese in the oven.  It's very important not to over cook the egg.  When it's well done, it becomes a simple and wonderful dish.


06 February 2012

Turnip cake

I made "Turnip cake" near chinese new year day, since it seems like it's a tradition of Hong Kong to eat them in new year.  This is made of graded turnips and dried small shrimp mixed with rice powder then steamed.  I made mistake of choosing the right rice power so it didn't become sticky enough.  However the taste was good.


04 February 2012

Salade au chèvre chaud

This is one of the most popular and simple salad dish in french cuisine.  If you like goat cheese this is wonderful plate.  It's better to use good quality of chevre.


03 February 2012

Clay pot mapo doufu

Mapo doufu is very spicy chinese dish from Sechuan region of China.  This is also one of the most popular chinese dish in Japan.  Yet because I'm not a big fan of spicy food, I make this in Japanese influence.

I had combined rice and mapo doufu in this pot.  First cook the rice in the pot itself, then pour extremely hot "mapo doufu" over the rice.   Cook the pot with lid on in oven for 10 minuets.  This is a great dish for cold day.



02 February 2012

Crevettes à l'américaine

Sauce americaine is originally made with lobster head or ecrivisse but because I had some frozen tiger prawns with heads so I made shrimp sauce.  It's not as good as lobster but not bad at all.


01 February 2012

Hiryozu no Oden

Hiryozu is vegetable mixed fried tofu.  Because tofu needs to be dried, it takes time to make this.  Other things are age wrapped ground chicken with spring onion, leeks and turnips.  They are cooked in dashi based stock.