31 December 2013

Ohmisoka 2013

We spent quiet end of year 2013.  I prepared Sashimi and Chikuzenni.  I had already enjoyed the "Osechi" in December so I didn't make any for the new year.


30 December 2013

Egg sandwitch

Singapore is in good season to have lunch outside now because it's not as hot as in summer and breezy.


28 December 2013

Poulet aux herbes de provence

This is the first chicken dish I cooked in Singapore.  I realized that local chicken tastes vey good here.  It's also great that whole young chicken in soled at any super markets.  I always love to cook whole chicken because I can use the bones for the sauce.  I only have salt, pepper, herbs de provencal and olive oil so far but you don't need nothing much to cook good dish.


25 December 2013

Diner de Noel

Diner de Noel 2013

Salade de Crevettes et avocats - Vinaigrette au citron
Champignons farcis aux courgettes
Roti de Fillet de boeuf
Gratin Dauphinois
Gateau au chocolat et framboises

It was our first Christmas spending in Singapore this year.  I didn't have much time to prepare the full dinner in new kitchen so I only did simple dinner this year.  It feels very different to cook in different country.  I didn't have chance to prepare Christmas flower so I created tower with local fruits.  Gateau chocolate was a great success even I didn't weight ingredients.  




22 December 2013

Feuillete en Poire

This is pears cooked in syrup; sugar, water, white wine, lemon juice, wrapped with puffy pastry.  It's a wonderful warm dessert and I love to serve with scoop of vanilla ice cream.


20 December 2013

Pave de boeuf a la sauce au cognac

Cognac sauce goes very well with lean meat and this is rather common combination in French dish.  I usually prefer lean red meat than fatty meat such as Japanese beef so I make sauce to go with.


18 December 2013

Gratin macaroni au poulet et onions

One way to make good french macaroni gratin is not to mix macaroni and bechamel sauce too much.  I always find that chicken and onion is the best ingredients for this dish.


16 December 2013

Shiro Nishime

Nishime means assortment Japanese vegetables cooked in dashi.  It has to be only with vegetables and soy products but no meat.  Because you cannot take stock from chicken or other meat, it rather difficult to cook very well.


14 December 2013

Tori gobou

This is ground chicken with shredded Gobou cooked in frying pan as small pancake.  Gobou; burdock is hard textured root vegetable so it takes some time to cook, so it's better to spread the dough thinly.


12 December 2013

Tamago gohan

White rice with raw egg is one of the simplest Japanese dish that all Japanese people love.  It's simple but eggs have to be fresh and safe to eat non cooked.  Almost all the eggs that sold supermarkets in Japan are eatable in raw condition because they're washed.

This is raw egg soaked rice lightly cooked in pot since my husband is not big fan of raw egg.  It's equally tasty as regular "Tamago gohan".



10 December 2013

Osechi 2014

I've prepared Japanese new year dish already.  My friend and I have decided to cerebrate Japanese style of new year in early December since both of us are not in Hong Kong in actual time.  Japanese are only Asian who cerebrate New Year in western calendar so it's very busy for us to prepare Christmas to New Year in one week.

Most of those ingredients are brought from Japan, thanks to my friends tremendous efforts!  We made 17 different dishes that took us five to six hours to prepare all of these. Some dishes were prepared a day before as well.





06 December 2013

Chicken balls miso soup

There are varieties of miso soup in Japanese cooking.  We often make them with lot of ingredients in winter time.  It's good to have them in big bowl.


04 December 2013

Chicken drum stick cooked in soya sauce

This is stew of chicken drum sticks in Chinese wine, Chinese soya sauce and sugar.  I also added star anis and ginger that makes typical flavor of Chinese style of stew.


02 December 2013

Pasta with chicken liver

I don't know if many people like chicken liver but I love it.  It's usually very fresh and sold any supermarket in Japan but it's difficult to find it in Hong Kong so I eat it rarely.


01 December 2013

Mui Wo - Lantau Island Hong Kong

I happened to visit Mui Wo in Lantau this weekend.  I came to this part of island for the first time and I was quite surprised to see the place is so lovely and full of nature.