28 February 2014

Vegetation in Singapore

One of the noticeable difference in nature in Singapore from other country is the size of trees.  They are so huge as I've never seen before.  There is no typhoons in Singapore and with lot of humidity, trees grow very well.


27 February 2014

Poulet a la sauce citron beurre

This is the first dish I made in Singapore this time.  Since I can find great quality of local chicken in good price.  I made lemon butter sauce with very small amount of butter to match Tagliatelle and white asparagus.



26 February 2014

Tofu shrimp

This is a dish I was making often few years ago.  Minced shrimp mixed with leeks placed over sliced tofu and cooked in the oven.  I put some salad on the top for this one.


25 February 2014

Three color rice

This is one of the typical Bento dish that Japanese people make.  My mother made this often when I was young.  We usually put it in Bento box but this is a great lunch dish.


24 February 2014

Salade de crab

I'm looking back my past cooking photos recently, and I realized that it changed a lot since then.  This is a dish that I made the time when I was just out of cooking school.  I see some efforts for the decoration but not in a good balance.  It's good to take photos of your dish because it really changes by the time.


23 February 2014

Poulet a la sauce Shungiku

I love the green vegetable Shungiku in this season.  I've found the sauce made with Shungiku is delicious and I use for many dishes.  This is a plate I made years ago, still make one often.


22 February 2014


I happened to make Oden many times this winter because cold days continues in Hong Kong.  Oden tastes better on second day of cooking so we usually make a large quantity.


21 February 2014

Aka kabu in sweet vinegar

Kabu is Navet in French.  I've seen these in France but I'm not very sure it's common in the U.S.  Kabu is only available in winter season in Japan.  This is typical way of cooking in Japanese cuisine; slices of Kabu marinated in vinegar and sugar.  I like to make it slightly sweeter.


20 February 2014

Tulip vase

I love Tulips.  Since I had three yellow tulips for another occasion, I went to buy more to fill the large vase.  I was going to buy more of yellow tulips but found very small ones which looked very pretty to me so I mixed two types.


19 February 2014

Taiwanese Pork rib

This is something like Taiwanese style of pork cutlet that I learned in Taipei.  It's usually served with fried rice or white rice.  Seasoning is grated garlic, Chinese wine, oyster sauce then deep fried with potato starch.


18 February 2014

Shiokoji Napolitan

Napolitan is Japanese style of spaghetti with tomato ketchup.  I put some shiokoji which is  recently popular seasoning made with cured rice with salt.  It made the taste further Japanese influence.


17 February 2014

Romanesco broccoli

I chose this vegetable in order to develop my drawing skill.  Though I gave up to follow to draw the shape of naturally made spiral, I was not patient enough to do it.


16 February 2014

Bùche chocolat à la framboises - Pierre Heremé

I tried the recipe of Pierre Herme for the first time.  I respect his recipe but I've never follow very precise recipe which weighted by one gram difference.  With my friend's cooperation, we could made it very fast and precisely.  I really love the taste and the combination of black chocolate and raspberries.  The cake was wonderful.  I've never thought that I could make something like this at home.  I'll make it again for sure.



15 February 2014

Shungiku stems

Shungiku is winter vegetable in Asia.  It's much bitter than spinach but I love this.  This is only stems because I used leaves for another dish.


14 February 2014

Suzuki no Ankake

Suzuki is Sea bass in Japanese.  I happened to make saute of sea bass but it got lightly hard on the next day, so I arranged with An which is dashi based sauce with starch.  Starch sauce can be very hot if you warm up well.  It was a great dish for cold day.


13 February 2014

Vegetable potage

This is a potage made out of carrots and onion that I used to take chicken stock with.  Vegetables in Hong Kong is so expensive I didn't want to waste them.  I also added cube of chicken stock to add more flavor.


12 February 2014

Vegetables in oil pastel

"Red potatoes"

"Red and yellow onions"

I happend to use oil pastel for the first time since I was a child.  I felt it was not easy to use.  It might take some time to get used to it.


11 February 2014

Avocado with Spring onion in olive oil

This is the most simple salad and but it was so good that I feel like eating everyday.  Slices of avocado, spring onion, salt, lemon juice and olive oil.  Especially I like the Japanese lemon which acidity is much lower than regular lemon.


10 February 2014

Soba with yuzu kosho dressing

We usually don't use dressing for soba noodle but I arranged as salad dish this time.  Yuzu kosho is green chili paste made with Yuzu citron.


07 February 2014

Bean sprouts in Green curry sauce

Bean sprouts are very popular vegetable in Japan.  I used Thai green curry paste to season the sprouts this time.  Bean sprouts contains a lot of water so it matches very well with curry paste.


05 February 2014

Soybeans tomato soup

I like having soup when the weather is cold outside.  Beans soup is usually made with white beans but I made with soy beans this time.  I used already boiled one because the dried one takes long time to cook.


04 February 2014

Shiro ebi

These shrimps are from Ariake sea by Kumamoto.  Shiro ebi means "White shrimp" but different from the famous kind from Toyama.  Because the skin is very soft, I deep fried with the skin.  It was very crispy and tasty.


03 February 2014

Saba no Tomato Misoni

Saba is Mackerel in Japanese.  They tastes better in autumn to winter in Japan.  Cooked with Miso called "Misoni" is one of the most popular way to eat this fish.  I added tomatoes this time to make it taste lighter with tomato's acidity.  I used tomato made in Kumamoto called "Salt tomato".  These are grown by the sea and it tastes much stronger than regular tomato.  Miso and the tomato was a great combination.


02 February 2014

Lamma Island - Hong Kong

Lamma Island locates south west of Hong Kong Island.  It's known for seafood restaurants and hiking trail.  I've found that the restaurants looked so colorful in their own way.


01 February 2014


Oden is Japanese style of hot pot dish that we often have in winter.  Daikon radish, boiled eggs, Atsuage tofu, Shirataki konnyaku are the most popular ingredients but the dish itself varies by the region.