31 December 2015

Thank you for visiting my blog in 2015!

It has been a 6th year I've stated this blog I could posted a record postings this year.  Thank you for visiting my blog!!

Photo is my Osechi preparation of today.  I'll assemble them in Oju box tomorrow.



Egg soba

It's a tradition of Japanese to eat Soba noodles in the night of 31st December.  I think I'm going to make traditional style of Soba noodles tonight but this one was one of my favorite Soba dish I made this year.  Soba with half boiled egg tossed with sliced onion in sesame oil.



30 December 2015

Chinese Chicken herbal soup

There are millions of variations for herbal chicken soup in Singapore.  Chinese herbs are common ingredients for any long hour cooked soup for Chinese.  I discovered this culture in Hong Kong but Singapore is popular as well.


Bak kut teh

This is one of the signature dish in Singapore; pork ribs soup called "Bak kut teh".  I found a spice bag to make the dish at home.  I made it for the first time and it came out all right.  Yet I don't exactly know the right portion of the soup; water to the amount of meat...


29 December 2015

Chicken onion Nyumen

Nyumen means hot somen; witch is very thin Japanese noodles that we often in summer in cold style.  I took a stock with chicken bones and onion and added cooked somen.  It's very light taste and easy for stomach after Christmas.


28 December 2015

Galantine de volaille

This is one of the traditional French cuisine dish.  I respect the classical method of this dish but I made it on my own way as to make it on grill in the oven.  It's not difficult to make but this is a festive dish to me because it takes time.


27 December 2015

Tarte chevre epinards

I made tarte au chevre with pate feuilletee de "Marie".  This is the brand I only recommend for already made pate.  It's thin dough but made with only with pure butter so the flavor is really good.  Yet the pie dough is very difficult to handle in hot weather.  I prepared all the ingredients in advance and assemble the pie as quick as possible.



East coast park

Sunrise is 7am and sunset is 7pm and this is same all year long in Singapore.  This is a life on equator.  It's hot but it's great to take a walk in evening.  I love the sea so I really like to walk along the beach.


26 December 2015


I made croque madame and monsieur de champignons for Christmas morning.  It's very French and it's good.


Noel Tropical

25 December 2015

Diner de Noel 2015

Diner de Noel 2015
 Tartare de saumon en vérine
Mini quiches
Mini tartelettes de chevre
Sashimi St. Jaques au caviar de saumon 
Poelé de kee fish et crevettes au shiokoji
Carré d'agneau a la moutarde et menthe
Gratin dauphinois
Eclair au chocolat
Sablé au cacao
Dacquoise de noel



Last two years, we couldn't have a quiet Christmas family dinner at home.  I had enough time to prepare a dinner this year so I was preparing small things in advance.  The most difficult thing to cook in Singapore is making of dessert.  Since the humidity is 80% here, it's not good idea to make humidity sensitive dessert such as Eclair but I made them anyway.  I also made some sables but they became soft very fast..

Roasting lamb rack is very easy and other dishes are very simple dishes too.



Joyeux Noel !!

24 December 2015

Squid balls Oden

Oden is one of the must eat Japanese dish in winter.  This is very different from the original style but I made with home made squid balls since I'm on a low carb diet.


23 December 2015

In my fridge - Low carb 1

Since I've been on low carb diet meal, I can no longer go out for lunch for noodles.  I've been eating at home as much as possible to keep my regime.  In order to keep balance and varieties in my meal, I need to stock some prepared ingredients in my fridge.  Having these foods in hand, it's easy to make salad and other dishes for lunch.




Saumon a la creme d'epinard

This dish looks like a classical style of French cuisine dish but I made a sauce with small amount of creme and milk so the sauce is light.  Pure of spinach is very useful sauce for me to keep in my fridge because it can be use for many things.  It's good to salt the salmon earlier to eliminate salmon smell.


22 December 2015

Christmas bouquet

Cut flowers are slightly expensive than the price in Hong Kong because of the weather.  Room temperature is too hot for flowers.  I made a bouquet of image of Singapore's Christmas.


Pork ball gratin

I had mushroom creme sauce leftover from other dish so I added some milk and cheese to make gratin dish.  Pork ball is lean meat with minced onion and some parsley.


21 December 2015

Christmas center of table

I also made a center table this year.  Since we have wooden outside table I made it natural to match it style.  I hope it last until Thursday dinner. My past works: 2012, 2013


Couronne de Noel 2015

It's been three years that I made a Christmas wreath.  I really like making this yet I've been forgotten how to do so I made it without the base circle but it came out all right.  My past work: 2012


20 December 2015





19 December 2015

Taiwanese mei fun

It's important to use dried shrimp and its' soup for making of Taiwanese mei fun.  I also added my chicken stock together with shrimp stock.


Tomato & Egg soup

This is a vegetable chicken soup with diced tomato and egg.  I added a small amount of water with potato starch to thicken the soup and make the egg to spread evenly.


18 December 2015

Ginger marmalade teriyaki chicken

This is chicken thigh and leg marinated in marmalade, minced ginger and soya sauce.  After I marinated over night I cooked the chicken in the oven in double boiler.  It's important to set water in a tray in order to avoid the chicken to dry up and become hard.  Since the meat is marinated, it's easy to be burn on the top as well.  It's good to brush Chinese soya sauce on the top to grill the skin well.



17 December 2015

Miso snapper

This is white snapper marinated in Miso paste.  I sprinkled cane sugar first then spread miso paste on the top.  I cooked the fish in the oven but I should have cooked in frying pan with little bit of olive oil.  I tear the cooked with and use as topping of Japanese style of salad.