30 September 2015

Steak bavette et blé

I brought back easy to cook barley from Japan and this goes very well with meat.  We usually mix barley with white rice but this is great as itself.


29 September 2015

Terrine de legumes

I made a terrine only with roasted vegetables.  It took me long time to make this but it was absolutely delicious.  First, I started a process with making of garlic olive oil.  Then roasted vegetables; aubergine, courgettes, bell peppers, mushrooms separately.  After roasting of vegetables, I layered them in a terrine mould and pressed it with weight for one full day.


28 September 2015

Singapore Haze

The air in Singapore had been contaminated with seasonal haze which is coming from Indonesia and it has been absolutely terrible.  The haze level sometimes goes up to 300 which is the level of pollution that you should not go out at all.  It smells bad and I also feel terrible these days.


Vegetable focused

When I travel to France, I feel that I don't take enough amount of vegetables.  Especially this time I ate out often so I need to correct the way of daily diet.  Pita bread has less calorie and sugar than regular bread.


27 September 2015

Fish salad

I often make Shiokoji marinated fish for many purpose.  This is very tasty to have itself or with rice but can be with anything.  This time I tossed with boiled potato and spring onion.


26 September 2015


These are my copper pots.  I maintain them in once a month with copper shine.  It takes a while to shine them if it's too dirty even though I wash them well each time I use.  It's desirable to shine them every other week or so but I use lemon for each time I use them.  They're heavy pots but the cooking is definitely different from regular stainless steel pots.  Especially on long hour cooking.


25 September 2015


I've been trying to eat healthy and light and Japanese food is the solution for light meal.  I made Nituske of fish for the main dish.  This is soya sauce and sugar cooked fish and it goes very well with white rice.  Other dishes are; water spinach in dashi, Miso cooked aubergine, tofu with egg.


24 September 2015


After traveling and being eating out too much, I decided to cook in light and healthy way to reset my weight and health.  I'll focus on fish and simple way of cooking.


23 September 2015

Comptoir relais

I often come to this restaurant because I really love the chef's style of cooking.  Though this is a very popular place with locals and tourists as well, they don't have English menu and if you don't speak French, you might feel like you're not treated well...

It was as good as always but I might think that the foie gras plate was smaller and not well dressed than before.  I also didn't like the sauce of sea bass but the over all combination of the ingredients was excellent.  Probably the dessert was the most superb within the dessert I had this year.



22 September 2015

Rive goche - Paris

I often take a walk towards Jardin du Luxembourg to take a rest from shopping on St. German.    I noticed there were beautiful Dahila flowers in the garden.  It was still hot and dry in Paris about two weeks ago.  It was great season to take a long walk.


21 September 2015


"Jambon persille et creme d'escargot"

"Boeuf Bourguignon"

"Gratin dauphinois"

"Fromages de region"

We happened to stay a night over in Beaune on the way from Lyon to Paris.  We didn't have time to see the town but had a wonderful gastronomic experience in where we happened to got in by chance at local bistro.  I chose all the local delicacy from the menu with a bottle of Cote de Beaune.  The food was absolutely wonderful with no mistake.

I was very happy to have the real 'Boeuf Bourguignon' in Bourgogne then I realized that what I had been cooking for many years is not exactly the real one.  Of course the wine was exceptional.  I had a glass of Chardonnay before a bottle of Cote de beaune, but even the simple white was so mineral and fresh.  I also loved the local cheese 'Epoisses'.


代表的なブルゴーニュ料理を頼んだが、どれも良かった。特にブフ・ボーギニョンは自分でもよく作る料理だが、今まで自分は何を作っていたのだろうと反省するくらい本物の味が格別だった。 グラスのシャルドネも安いのにミネラルでフレッシュで美味しい。ムンステールに似ているブルゴーニュのチーズ「エポワス」も気に入った。

20 September 2015

Chateau Chapeau Cornu

We had a matter to go to near Lyon so we stayed a night in "Chateau Chapeau Cornu" in Vignieu.  This is a hotel where my mother in law found in internet, and her choice was absolutely right.  The chateau was beautiful and located in a but the restaurant was also wonderful.  

The cuisine was very delicate, detailed, creative and extremely tasty.  I really love the combination of the plates and the style and the choice of the chef; the way exactly I admire.  It was delicate and creative but not too modern.  Ingredients were also fresh and the price was very reasonable.

I was not expected to encounter such quality of food in a country side of Lyon.  It was absolutely stunning.




19 September 2015

Plats de saison




"Souffle au fromages"

"Escallop de veau pane"

"Cepes et pomme de terre"