31 August 2016

Ezuko in end of August 2016

I came back to Kumamoto for the first time after the earthquake in April.  I've heard about a lot from my family so it was not much surprise for the damage of the quake.  I was very worried about the water in this lake because I've heard that the spring water had stopped in some part of water spring in Kumamoto.  Though this one was as same as before.


29 August 2016


This newly opened Japanese restaurant was recommended  by a professor of Tsuji cooking school because the chef used to be a teacher of Tsuji as well.  Dishes were very well thought and the price was very reasonable.  Thought the place is bit far from the center of the city.


28 August 2016


This is a one michelin star Japanese small restaurant in Fukusima, Osaka.  All the dishes were well prepared, powerful and creative.  I've found that the chef is same age as me so I was very impressed with his achievement of the restaurant itself, the ambience, the tastes and the collections of plates and all.


27 August 2016

La Cime

"La Cime" is probably the most hip modern French restaurant in Osaka with two michelin star.  I was extremely impressed with a menu of fifteen plates.  Every plate was so delicate, artistic and of course delicious.  There were so many small details in each dishes I could not imagine the amount of work of this chef.  



26 August 2016

Tsuji cooking school Japanese cuisine - 5

Last day was to prepare a whole "Hamo" fish.  It was my first time to cook this fish.  There were varieties of dishes and learned many method of typical Japanese cooking technique.