17 September 2016

Summer Japanese dishes at home 1

"Tofu with Wakame seaweeds"

"Chopped Okura with Natto"

"Thinly sliced cucumber with Myoga"

"Graded Yamaimo yam with Tarako"

"Chopped Okura with Natto"

"Tomato, cucumber, Wasabi leaves"

"Aubergine asazuke"

"Fried tofu"

I'm taking Japanese food course in Tsuji cooking school this year so I cooked a lot of Japanese food at home this summer.  Great thing about Japanese food is that many of it doesn't really require cooking but just to cut or slice and ready to serve.

Especially my hometown Kumamoto has excellent quality of ingredients; vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.  Because the quality of ingredients is so good you don't need to do too much.  Even for the cooking simple is the best as just to salt and pepper or light boiling.


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