01 July 2017

Cambodian Beef BBQ

I've found a great cooking book of "Cambodian cooking" the other day and been reading it's recipes.  Cambodian cooking is very similar to Thai cooking but slightly different.  I tried marinated beef BBQ recipe because it was very simple.

It tasted like one of those BBQ skewers in Asian street market.  I cooked over my gas stove but it took no time and the result was satisfying.


その中で、牛肉のバーベキューが簡単だったので作ってみた。材料を石臼でひいてマリネ液を作り肉を漬けておき、食べる前にガスの直火で焼いた。 ヴェトナム料理のBBQのような、少し甘くて香ばしい肉の串焼きができた。

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