24 February 2017

Ampang Niang Tou Fu

Ampang Niang tou fu is one of the best Young Tau foo in Singapore.  To be honest I had no idea about this dish until I came to Singapore.  I've never seen food like this in Japan or Hong Kong.  This is fish paste sandwiched vegetables and bean curd products cooked in broth. It seems that it can be prepared as deep fried and served with sauce as well.

Because I've never eaten this dish I hadn't tired it for a long time.  Though Ampang is very famous shop in my neighborhood I went to try.  The shop style was very traditional and I had to mark my choices on a paper from a long lists of products written in Chinese and English.  I had rough idea by reading Chinese and chosen minimum order of ten choices.

In the end Young tau foo was something similar to Japanese Oden but it was much more interesting and tasty.  I really loved the broth and the taste of each products.  The house chili paste was also very tasty and I loved it.



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