20 February 2017

Komala Vilas

"Masala tea" at different shop

Komala Vilas is very famous vegetarian Indian restaurant in Sarangoon Road.  I don't really like vegetarian food but they're very famous and has very high rating in internet so I tried for the first time.

In fact the meal was very impressive.  I wanted to try paper thin crepe called; Dosa which is a speciality of South Indian food.  Dosa plate came with five vegetable dips and three vegetable dishes.  I was very surprised with the size of the dosa, it was about 50cm round.  It was very thin and crispy.  

All the curry dips were very tasty as well.  Each cups has different tastes and couldn't believe that they were vegetarian.  The plate was $8.60, very reasonable price.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience.



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