02 September 2016

Snapper Dinner

"Matsukawa tsukuri"

"Usu zukuri"

"Snapper head cooked in sweet soya sauce"

"Haricot soaked in dashi"

"Snapper rice, cooked in snapper broth"

"Clear soup with snapper"

I cooked exactly the same dishes as I've learned at Tsuji cooking school using wild red snapper.  We practiced with farmed snapper at school but I wanted to repeat the dishes with wild one.  With these dishes I used everything of the fish including bones to take broth.

Wild snapper is expensive so I didn't want to spoil the fish with my skill of fillet the fish.  I've been cooking a whole fish for many years but I've hardly cooked them in Japanese way.  I managed to cook as good as I've learned at school but the level is far from skilled restaurant...





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