29 June 2014

Home dishes in London 2

Summer vegetable gratin

Roasted chicken

Rainbow trout with almonds

Baby courgettes

Salmon salad

Gratin of Cauliflower

28 June 2014

Home dishes in London 1

Tuna and Mackerel Sashimi

Marinated Mackerel Sushi

Broccoli with seafood in Chinese stock

Tomato and bacon Rotini


Smoke salmon with boiled eggs

27 June 2014

English pub

My sister and her husband took me to local pub where there foods had good reputation.  It was a wonderful surprise for me to find that the dishes were so delicious there... since I was not expected to eat well in England.

Especially Chicken pot pie was so good.  This is very known home food in the U.S as well. Yet this one was the first really good one I ever had.

Day in June in Europe is very long, sun sets at 10pm.  We could walk back in the neighborhood.




26 June 2014

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a park outside of central London.  The filed is very well maintained as a beautiful golf course.  England is very humid compares to France so they have beautiful lawn.  When we visited there, it was a lucky sunny day.

There was a tea house in the garden and I had a wonderful English breakfast.  Their scone with double cream was so good that I decided to come back there again in the future.



25 June 2014

Vegetation in London

When I visited, there were so many beautiful flowers in the gardens.  June is probably the last month for the roses.  I also interested to observe different style of trees.


24 June 2014

Finchley, England

I've traveled to north of London where my sister lives now in early June.  It was my third time to visit England and it was first time to really get to know the place.

Finchley where my sister's family is a quiet suburb outside of London.  I was very impressed with the nature there and how green the place was.

I really loved the short cut path that my sister guided me to get to the train station.


23 June 2014


This is not exactly a Japanese dish, since we usually put meat over the soba noodle.  Yet it was not a bad combination.


21 June 2014

Beef in black bean sauce

Black beans sauce goes very well with beef.  I made this with Lee Kum Kee sauce.  Lee Kum Kee sauce is good solution for busy day.


19 June 2014

Pave de boeuf, sauce roquefort

This is simple steak with roquefort sauce.  This sauce is great with lean read meat.  I could sliced the meat to serve.


17 June 2014


It's easy to make Tonkatsu but quality of pork is very important for this dish.  The pork cannot be too lean and hard but has to be lean and tender meat.


15 June 2014

A day after roasted chicken

Whenever I make roasted chicken I make pasta or rice dish with the chicken stock that I made from chicken bones.  Curly pasta absorbs stock well so it makes a rich taste of pasta.


14 June 2014

Summer roast chicken

This is a dish I made in the past.  I like the combination of potato with fresh corn in the summer.  It's better to pre boil the fresh corns and potatoes before adding to roasting tray with chicken.