17 May 2017

Singapore fish ball soup

This is one of the most popular local dish at Singapore food stalls especially among Chinese  background Singaporean.  I like it too because it's very soothing compares to other spicy choices.

According to my local cooking book, the way of making fish balls is easy, so I tried it with Spanish mackerel.  It was extremely easy.  I was surprised how easy it was and got a key of making of varieties of fish cakes.


地元料理の料理本で発見したが、作り方が意外に簡単そうなので実際に作ってみた。材料は、サワラ、水、塩、コーンスターチ。鰆は身が柔らかいのでスプーンですくう。 材料を合わせてフードプロセッサーで挽いた。


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